Question: Can you use diesel fuel in place of heating oil in a home furnace?

Question by rdytckr: Can you use diesel fuel in place of heating oil in a home furnace?
If you get into a pinch and run out of heating oil to heat your home, is it OK to substitute diesel fuel for a couple of days until regular fuel can be delivered? Diesel is always available at the local gas station.

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Answer by ♥RAE♥N.Y.♥
I wouldn’t try it! Call the gas company and ask.
Just buy an electrical heater cost like 40-60 dollars.

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6 Responses to Question: Can you use diesel fuel in place of heating oil in a home furnace?

  1. oracleofohio

    Yes you can. You have to bleed the line before you restart the furnace. We did this for almost a month because we were getting a new furnace and didn’t want a big oil delivery.

  2. J P

    Because of the additives in highway diesel it would probably foul the pilot and burners in a fuel oil heater.


    i dont personally work on oil units,,just gas and heat pumps,etc..but i have trained 2 service techs recently hired by my company that were oil service tech’s for years previously…both said you can use diesel fuel in a oil furnace,,,,one tech said thats what he did when the customer was out of oil….he would carry 2 five gallon containers of diesel fuel for temporary service,,,,then he would refill them at the next station he passed that had diesel….he bragged that because his service van had a diesel engine,,he always had extra fuel he could put in the van’s tank if he ran low…..this applies to regular oil furnaces,,,not sure about the ones set up for kerosene……dan

  4. Hondu

    Yes you can. Diesel is more expensive than heating oil because of road taxes so you wouldn’t want to use any more than you need to. It is much lower in sulfur which makes it cleaner burning than stove oil. As far as the additives they are there to help help keep fuel systems cleaner and as an anti thickening agent for cold weather, so could actually benefit your furnace system. Also, there is no need to bleed the lines if you don’t let yourself run completely out of oil before you add diesel to the tank.

  5. Ron G

    Hondu has the answer here perfectly. It is just the cost factor. In extreme cases, the flame could need to be adjusted for perfect combustion if you were going to do this on a regular basis, but for short time use would be fine.

  6. tech7435

    I work for a fuel company. You can put kerosene, on road diesel, off road diesel, or heating oil in your tank for your furnace

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